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OSINT Training Now Available

ASI Strategies, Inc.

ASI Strategies Inc., is now offering training resources for law enforcement. Our online course, Open Source Intelligence for Law Enforcement is now available online for $150.00 USD and can be used towards Continuing Professional Education credit (please inquire). The supplemental resource guide can be purchased alone for $12.00 USD and provides four pages of open source links. This guide is a must-have for all crime analysts and investigators!

Training for law enforcement is now available.

ASI’s training provides the resources to conduct a thorough open source search—from Boolean operators to advanced social media checks to an introduction to the Dark Web, we tell you exactly where to look. We take a policy-based approach, explaining how to implement OSINT formally into departments and watch for potential pitfalls and limitations. The course wraps up with detailing the elements of an effective intelligence report.

As ASI continues to develop new and improved training, we plan to rely on our various partnerships with organizations such as the Internal Association of Crime Analysts (IACA), the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE), and various police departments to spread the word.

The trainers both have backgrounds in intelligence, program management, and government programs. Allie, a Certified Fraud Examiner with a Master’s in Law Enforcement Intelligence and Analysis, specializes in creating investigative units and OSINT policies. From building the first overseas Criminal Intelligence Unit for the Marine Corps’ Criminal Investigation Division to creating commercial and private sector investigative units, Allie relies on her open source expertise to create robust training materials to aid in investigations. Jazmine’s education includes a Master’s in Applied Intelligence from Georgetown University. As a compliance expert, her approach is addressing the risk through well-crafted Internet research. Both industry leaders combine their skills to create training aimed to equip law enforcement with the tools to enhance their current toolbox.

If you are interested in learning more about ASI’s training, need customization, or want to explore partnership opportunities, please contact us here. 


How do our services work?

ASI Strategies, Inc.

ASI specializes in customized readiness, response, and recovery plans for your business.

ASI specializes in customized readiness, response, and recovery plans for your business.

The purpose of ASI’s crisis management goal is threefold: to provide readiness, response, and recovery assessments and plans. While it’s easy to present risk areas in checklist form, it’s essential as an evaluator to keep the process dynamic and malleable. Every company, even those in the same industry, are going to have varying vulnerability areas that relate directly to internal and external factors: company culture, size, subcontractors, professional relationships, compliance, and so on. 

Although ASI does break out our offerings by our three “R” areas, our overall goal is to evaluate a business from top to bottom and help you make the structure as strong as possible. Rather than focusing on areas of weakness, we like to ensure that the foundation is rock solid—and we build out, strengthening the areas that need a little reinforcement.

Where to start

After an initial consultation where we briefly discuss your business structure and specific goals, we’ll send you an intake packet that includes our proposal, non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement, Services Agreement, and corporate questionnaire. Once we receive these items from you, you will receive a checklist of the documents we would like to review in order to provide services. Keep in mind that all information provided will remain confidential.

A forewarning—one familiar response we receive is, “I don’t have most of the documents on this checklist!” Well, we have good news. That’s what we’re here for. We’ll make sure to address the documents your business should have in our assessment. In most cases, we can also create these documents for you.

What areas do we look at?

As many as you want us to! Our team is experienced in an abundance of corporate analysis areas—from compliance, policy, antifraud, communications, data protection, investigations, program management and more. The areas we normally review: regulatory compliance, policies and procedures, corporate governance and structure, communications/advertising, finance-- to name a few.


Our prices are competitive and we bill by the hour. We can also offer subscription services, particularly with regulatory filings on the needed basis. Usually, we can give you a rough estimate but remember, our work is going to be based on provided documents and specific services. We do collect a retainer and draft progress memos which help provide peace of mind and keep you in the loop with every step we make.

Why do you need crisis management?

We encourage you to read some quick facts about crisis management here. The cost of compliance, audits, and assessments is much more attractive when you consider the alternative—from fines to lawsuits to your business going bankrupt, the smart thing to do is ensure your business is as sound and solid as possible.